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Efficient use of electricity from renewable energy sources

In today’s energy sector, emphasis is placed on the most efficient use of energy without the need for it to be transferred to remote locations. It is always best to find a way to consume such energy at the place of production or in the near vicinity. We have decided to build and operate data centres with high computing power, in selected buildings with installed RES technology. In this way we have been able to maximise the potential of the source and the appliance in mutual synergy. Today’s digital world allows us to make use of a variety of items and services without having to own them. This is why we use data centres not only to achieve our own goals, but we have also opened them in order to implement our partners’ business goals.
Our data centres are designed so as to respond flexibly to customer requirements and to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics. We know that a rapid response to a need for change brings new opportunities, options and added value.


Solar Global Datacenter s.r.o.

Ladova 1814/31

621 00 Brno - Řečkovice

ID: 06829911

+420 733 141 645


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Implementation of the Solar Global Group

Morava Data Centre

Morava Data Centre

Vysočina Data Centre

Vysočina Data Centre