Electromobility and infrastructure

Renewable energy is our key focus. Efficient consumption is just as important as producing clean energy. In addition to the daily energy consumption in households and industry, there is a huge energy consumption in transport. We are glad that new implementation projects of renewable sources are already considering the future installation of charging stations, sometimes they are already part of a more complex project.


Electric vehicles (EV) are gradually expanding our fleet. Thanks to the subsidy support, we have built our own fast charging station, which significantly streamlines the operation of electric cars.

There is already a large group of electric vehicles in our fleet and we are still expanding this group, fulfilling a low-emission corporate strategy in transport as well. Every older discarded vehicle is thus replaced by an electric car.

Along with the increasing number of electric vehicles, we are simultaneously developing our own charging infrastructure in our other locations and objects belonging to the Solar Global group.



Development of electromobility at Solar Global Service a.s. company

Solar Global Service a.s. commenced the physical implementation of the project CZ.01.3.14 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_063 / 0010602 "Development of electromobility in Solar Global Service a.s.".

The presented project is focused on the acquisition of innovative technologies in the area of low carbon transport and thus falls within the supported activity - electromobility. Specifically, one MPV-class electric car according to SDA (Automobile Importers Association) will be purchased and put into operation. In addition, a charging station for electric vehicles will be purchased and put into operation as part of the project, which will serve the applicant's own needs at the place where his / her business activities are carried out.

EU financial support is provided for the operation.

The implementation of the grant project in terms of meeting all the requirements of the grant provider (Ministry of Industry and Trade) is provided by JVM – RPIC, spol. s r.o. company.