Battery system for surplus energy

In November 2017 we launched an entirely new battery energy storage system (BESS) for the accumulation of surplus energy from distribution systems and any power sources such as photovoltaic power plants or turbines. The system has an output of one megawatt, and the electrical energy that is accumulated in the system can be used in fluctuations in distribution systems or when there is an increased demand for energy.


The storage system consists of one lithium battery container made by the Dutch company Alfen, a major supplier in the field of energy solutions. The storage of energy in the storage system reduces the load on transmission systems, eliminates critical network conditions and enables more efficient use of energy from unconventional sources. The system accumulates electricity in bulk so as to be available at periods when there is a lack of power in the grid and power needs to be released, or also when the network is unstable or is resisting huge fluctuations. In such cases, the battery is able to release power in a matter of seconds.

The device is one of the first large-capacity battery storage systems in the Czech Republic. The Association for energy and battery accumulation AKU-BAT CZ says that the construction of about twenty large battery power storage systems may commence in the Czech Republic by the beginning of 2019. In the coming months there will be four to five similar projects.

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