As part of our comprehensive services for operators of solar power plants we guarantee permanent and maximum yields, continual monitoring and evaluation of the operation of photovoltaic power plant that is provided by customer service operators in our monitoring center:
365 days a year | 7 days a week | 8:00-18:00


Our monitoring system enables the monitoring and assessment of:

  • central and decentralized inverter manufacturers as: Satcon, SMA, Power-One, Fronius, Kaco, SolarMax
  • technological blocks (strings, string boxes, etc.)
  • other technology (main circuit breaker, UPS, etc.)
  • meteorological conditions (solar radiation, temperature, humidity)
  • other technology (electrometers, telemetry, ESS, CCTV)
  • reporting

Based on this information, our CS operators evaluate defined deviations and, in close cooperation with the service department, provide the necessary service work according to contractual agreements with the investor.

To visualize the current status of the monitored surveillance system technology we use the professional wall screen made up of 18 large-scale monitors.