Solar Global Service a.s. was established in 2010 as a technical and implementation company for servicing, monitoring, implementation and installation of electrical equipment in the field of energy sources.
Solar Global Service a.s. is one of the largest photovoltaic service organizations in the Czech Republic, both in the number of serviced power plants and in the amount of serviced power.
The company's management has an experienced employee in the field of photovoltaic installation. The team of workers is ready to meet all kind of demands and requirements and solve customer problems. The company is also focused on suggestions for solving individual problems including "turnkey" installation.
In 2017, the company management decided to update the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 system standard.
The Company's management is committed to continually improve management efficiency, in particular through set goals, target values, programs and control mechanisms.

In terms of quality management, it means:

  • Meeting the requirements and wishes of our customers is a basic goal of the company; customer satisfaction always comes first.
  • Customer service is provided to the highest quality; a company employee is willing and helpful to all customers.
  • The basic rules of the company's employees are positive attitude, decent behavior on- and off-site behavior, high professional level, reliability and seriousness.
  • Our organization is a purely Czech company based in the region; doing the best to offer quality services, supports regional sports, cultural and social activities.
  • We keep the tradition and good name of the company along with the maximum effort to expand the quality and quantity of our services and ensure the long-term perspective of the organization and the certainty of our customers.
  • The company creates favorable working conditions for its employees; they cooperate and help each other to make the team's way of performing the tasks assigned to them; employment in society is a prestigious matter for workers.
  • The tools for continuous improvement of the quality management system are mainly the identification, review and evaluation of the seriousness of all aspects, setting goals, objectives and a defined system of control mechanisms.