Become a part of electromobility

The most important activities of the Solar Global Group are the production of electricity from renewable sources (solar, water), the construction of these sources, the accumulation and sale of electricity, including its efficient consumption. Our company has been investing considerable funds in modern energy, renewable sources, electric cars, and related infrastructure for years. With these investments we helping to reduce the environmental burden caused by ordinary operation and the consumerist way of life.

With the growing number of electric cars, the demand for publicly available charging options is also growing. Because we feel shortcomings in this area of services, we have decided to actively support the development of charging infrastructure. We have established close business contacts directly with the manufacturers of charging stations, we have created a communication platform for the operation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure. We are actively looking for suitable places for the installation of new charging stations in order to increase the attractiveness of the site and expand the portfolio of modern elements of civic amenities.

We are aware of the priorities of investment plans, which mostly do not include electric cars and their infrastructure. This is the reason why we have prepared a model, which from the point of view of design, investment, implementation and operation will be covered from our own resources and we will provide it as a service to the general public.

Our key role
- we finance all costs associated with the design, implementation and subsequent operation
- we take care of everything – permits, building modifications, vertical and horizontal traffic signs of the parking space for charging electric cars according to valid legislation

Your position 
- find a suitable place for the location for a station with a capacity of one to two parking spaces and the possibility of close connection to the electrical distribution system or to the building
- allocate this space exclusively for this project

- a public charging station for its customers, citizens, visitors and tourists
- extension of civic amenities by another modern element
- modern ecological technology supporting a healthy environment

Our charging stations represent an optimal and comprehensive solution for all publicly available places and enable the charging of all cars currently available on the market, without any further restrictions. The technology is characterized by high performance, reliability, long life, and comfortable user environment.

Become a part of electromobility

For each location, depending on the local possibilities of use, we can choose the most suitable type of charging station

Fast charging stations DC 50 kW

Charging stations DC 20 kW

Charging stations AC 22 kW