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One of the most important parts of our comprehensive services for operators of solar power plant is PV plant servicing that basically means regular preventive control of devices including prescribed inspections, maintenance with agreed response times for troubleshooting and maintenance of plant and surroundings. For PV service management we use data from daily monitoring of PV energy. The description of the servicing may vary depending on the PV plant type and nature, and according to the clients’ requirements.

We offer service maintenance that normally includes the following activities:

- Regular preventive maintenance of technology according to an agreed timetable:

  • solar modules
  • inverters (Satcon, SMA, Fronius, Vacon, Kaco, Power-One, Kostal)
  • DC and AC cabinets
  • transformer stations
  • constructions
  • compensation units

- Regular preventive control by standards, including:

  • recording, monitoring and revisions of all PV plant parts
  • inspections of LV
  • inspections of HV
  • inspections of fire extinguishers
  • inspections of ESS

- Fault detections
- Start to troubleshoot in agreed reaction times (7 days a week/365 days per year)
- Optimizing the performance of the PV system, including:

  • evaluation of daily production of PV plant
  • detection of production deviations of inverters and strings

- Warranty and post-warranty service, including:

  • dealing with complaints and evidence with technology suppliers, materials, services
  • storage of spare parts and components for timely response for repairs

- Recording in the service book
- Maintenance of plant field and surroundings, including:

  • cutting of grass
  • clearance of land
  • planting of grass
  • maintenance of the field (flattening of depressions, piles, mounds, etc.).
  • fence repair

At the request of our customers we also perform other additional services that can be provided within the PV plant service or individually:

- initial inspection – checking of documentation relating to actual construction, including:

  • initial inspection of the PV plant
  • proposals for production optimization

- proposals and solutions to reactive power compensation
- management systems
- IR measuring of modules and switchboards
- measurement of current/voltage characteristics of the modules and the entire strings
- network analysis
- shadow analysis
- panels cleaning
- snow cleaning
- measuring ground impedance
- drainage of land and transformer stations
- and any other activities according to specific customer demands.

As part of our continuous improvement of service quality, since December 2015 Solar Global Service a.s. has offered its customers a new Customer Service portal free of charge. This service provides customers with:

on-line power plant production
uninterrupted access to operational documents (inspections, service logs, reports)
condition of the power plant from a local camera
current weather status from CHMI meteorological stations
Power production is read from distribution electricity meters and presented in graph form. The customers are thus given the opportunity to check the production data from distribution network operators.


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Currently we service 65 plants with an installed power 86 MWp.